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There are few attorneys in Santa Ana who have worked as a private investigator. Of course, I've never tried to be like other lawyers.

I am attorney Lewis Crouse. Most lawyers are more comfortable negotiating with the other side than they are arguing a case in court. As a trial lawyer, I thrive on investigating the issues of a legal case and litigating them when necessary. If I can resolve a case discretely, I will. However, the other side knows they are in for a fight if they are unreasonable.

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At a time when most lawyers will do almost anything to avoid a courtroom, I thrive on defending my clients' interests before a judge and jury. My opponents have variously described me as fearless, outrageous and insane. One of the advantages I bring to a case is that I am extreme in the defense of my clients. If you are involved in a legal case, you are in a fight for your life. I am the attorney you want on your side.

I always offer a free initial consultation so that you have an opportunity to meet me and I will have an opportunity to meet you. Call 714-242-5911 to speak to a fearless lawyer today.

My office is on West 10th Street in Santa Ana, California, near the intersection of North Ross Street.