Santa Ana Family Law

Many family law attorneys put their clients through an ordeal of paperwork and legal proceedings that end only when their emotions and finances are exhausted. I believe in taking a different approach.

I am attorney Lewis Crouse in Santa Ana, California. My goal is to help reasonable people find reasonable solutions to family law issues such as divorce and child custody. Most divorce cases revolve around finding answers to the following questions:

  • Who gets the assets?
  • Who pays for what?
  • Who gets the kids?
  • Will the kids move out of state?

Unfortunately, many people go into a divorce process vindictively. They may blame their spouse for the breakup of marriage. As a result, they want to use the legal system to punish their ex. Their lawyer may encourage this attitude for the sake of increasing billable hours.

In reality, fault in the breakup of a marriage does not affect how marital property will be divided in California. Unless your spouse is abusive, you will likely share child custody. Setting expectations that are realistic under the law can help you get out of your marriage with your finances and emotions intact.

At the beginning of your case, I will work to identify your goals and priorities. Then I will help you reach a resolution as quickly and painlessly as possible. If the other side is unreasonable, however, I am willing and able to protect your interests in court.

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